Réalisation d'un espace insonorisant derrière une télévision.


Réalisation d'un mur dans le bureau d'Absolycom

Chambre d'enfant

Réalisation d'une tête de lit dans une chambre


Réalisation d'une décoration dans un salon

Les retours de nos clients

The main goal of the installation was the absorption of noise. Due to some renovation tasks in the flat e.g. replacing the carpet by a wood floor installation the quality of the acustic became worse. My wife and I wanted to find out, if your product can help to increase the physiologic conditions in our flat which are also dependant on colours, materials, light etc.. We can confirm, that the KALM solution does help to achieve a better acoustic. The product also ensures good conditions to work with. The task to design the corresponding wall is still not finished. It is not excluded to add some more of the KALM pieces and to create something like an art wall in the future.

Markus KNOERR - Engineer for building services and familiar with questions around the technical disign of buildings.